Why epic?

Just a few reasons why epic's Aerial Photography and Video expertise is perfect for producing marketing, investment-generating and progress imagery for your project.

Lightning-Fast Deployment

We can launch and be shooting within 5-10mins, depending on the equipment required for the job.

Unrivalled Access

Our drones can capture images and video from practically any angle, even in some of the most confined interior spaces.

Super-Fast Delivery

Your high resolution RAW images can be downloaded from the drone, uploaded to the cloud and a link supplied to you within the hour once the job is complete.

Full Risk Assessment and Insurance

Our pilots are fully insured (including public liability), plus we carry out thorough risk assessments before every job to ensure every possible risk is minimised and prepared for.

Cinema-Quality Video and High Resolution Photos

Using state-of-the-art drone technology, our pilots can capture 6K video and 24MP photos to ensure we provide the content you need.

CAA Approved Pilots

All epic pilots are fully trained and CAA certified, meaning epic results while ensuring safety and security at all times.

Read about the PfCO and our credentials

Why use Aerial Photography & Video for Construction and Development projects?


Whether your construction is in the early planning stages, advanced or even complete, aerial photography and video is a great way to showcase your project to investors, partners and prospective buyers alike:


Multiple Cost-Effective Uses

From initial aerial photos to demonstrate the precise view from the balcony of a planned high-rise block of flats, to an aerial photo for creating artists impression of the redevelopment of an area, or even a time-lapse video showing the construction of a site from beginning to end, drones provide a cost-effective and impactful method for producing epic and engaging content.


High Quality Imagery From All Angles

The latest drones are capable of capturing content from angles that would previously have been impossible or at least extremely expensive. Capable of up to 6K video and 24MP RAW photos, our drones will produce the highest quality imagery of your project, at a very small cost and from any possible angle.


Minimises Disruption

We understand that construction and development is extremely time-sensitive. That’s why we will ensure that any job does not affect the progress of the ongoing work on-site. Whether that means keeping enough distance from the site, or only shooting before or after work commences or ends – we will work to ensure your work stays on schedule.


3D Mapping and Surveys

Our drones are also capable of producing detailed 3D models and maps of land, to help with planning and calculations. Read our section on Aerial Surveys, Inspections and Mapping to find out more about what epic can do for you.