Why epic?

Find out what epic can do for you and why drones are the ideal solution for Surveys, Inspections & Mapping.

Building/Roof Inspections

Aerial inspections by drone removes the need for expensive scaffolding in order to be able to assess buildings or roof structures for damage.

Aerial Land Surveys

The latest drone technology can autonomously survey areas of land and output detailed 3D models showing elevation and a range of other data.


We can create high-resolution aerial imagery for use as precise, up-to-date maps.

Why use drones for Surveys, Inspections and Mapping?


Minimises Risk and Disruption

The state-of-the-art camera technology built into ultra lightweight drones, minimises risk of accident or injury compared to alternative methods. Our CAA certified drone pilots can capture detailed geospatial survey data and high-resolution images of the most inaccessible locations.



Aerial inspections, surveys and mapping by using drones is significantly cheaper than alternative methods.


Rapid Deployment and Turnaround

Our drones can be in the air within minutes of arriving on-site, meaning there’s no wasted time. The final files and all data captured can be supplied within hours of completion.