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This film details the first hand experiences of other mothers, fathers and carers that have had children slip into gang involvement in London. Once children are groomed into gangs, it’s very difficult for them to leave - so spotting the early signs and taking action is the first vital step to helping these young people. In this film, parents & guardians talk about the signs that they might have missed, and how they could have been more vigilant. Used as an educational tool to talk to other parents of at risk children, it is an understanding, parent to parent voice, that speaks with emotional honesty about the fragility of young people.
One Shot - The Football Factory. "For some, football is more than a dream. Join young footballers from South London as they enter a crucial time in their careers."
With exclusive access to a ground-breaking trial, this film asks if psychedelic drugs combined with psychological support can help tackle one of the biggest medical challenges we face - depression.
Shamima Begum (UK) and Hoda Muthana (US) made it into worldwide headlines when they left their countries as teenagers to join ISIS. Now they want to return to their countries. Filmed in the high-security Camp Roj in Syria, which houses ISIS women and children that no Western country wants back, and Kurds have no choice but to look after.
As a specialist in drone content for documentaries, we understand the crucial importance of capturing the perfect shot. With our extensive knowledge of drone technology and camera operation, we can provide a unique and compelling perspective for any documentary project. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the benefits of using a drone operator, the necessary skills for successful operation, and tips for obtaining the best footage possible. The advantages of using a drone operator for documentary content are abundant. Drones have become increasingly popular in the film and video industry due to their ability to provide filmmakers with a unique vantage point that was previously unattainable without expensive equipment like helicopters or cranes. Drones can capture footage from above, below, and at eye level, giving filmmakers the ability to tell their story in a more dynamic and captivating way.
Furthermore, a drone operator specialising in content for documentaries can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any project. They can navigate complex environments and situations with ease, ensuring that footage is captured safely and efficiently. They are also skilled in camera operation, allowing them to capture footage that is visually stunning and technically sound. Operating a drone requires a certain level of skill and expertise. A drone operator must be proficient in piloting the drone and controlling the camera simultaneously, as well as familiar with the various functions of the drone, such as different flight modes and settings. Additionally, a drone operator must have a keen eye for composition and framing and be able to identify the best angles and shots for a given scene, which requires technical and artistic skills and a deep understanding of the principles of photography and videography.
When working on a documentary project, planning ahead and effective communication with the director and other members of the production team are crucial. This helps ensure that the drone operator captures the necessary shots and that the footage fits seamlessly with the rest of the project. Another crucial factor in obtaining the best footage possible is understanding the limitations of the equipment and environment. A drone operator must assess the lighting, wind conditions, and other factors that may impact the footage's quality and be prepared to make adjustments on the fly. Ultimately, working with a drone operator who possesses technical expertise, artistic skills, and effective communication skills can elevate any documentary project. They can help tell a more engaging and impactful story and bring your vision to life.